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The Cleveland Clinic Clinical Research Unit


The Cleveland Clinic Clinical Research Unit (CRU - Formerly GCRC) , located at M51 in the Children’s Hospital on the main campus, is designed to provide an optimal setting for medical investigators to conduct safe, controlled, state-of-the-art, in-patient and outpatient studies of children and adults. 

Students, new and seasoned investigators who have research project funding from the NIH, other Federal agencies, state and local entities, the private sector, or other peer-reviewed sources are eligible to apply to use the CRU.  CRU resources are available for use by investigators affiliated with Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of CWRU, MetroHealth Medical Center, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation and University Hospitals of Cleveland.

CRUs support investigators with highly trained research and nursing personnel, project administration, core laboratory and bioinformatics computer systems.  Newer investigators utilize the same CRU resources to enhance their education experience and develop career opportunities by collaborating among the many research disciplines.

The Cleveland Clinic CRU is supported by the Translational Science Award (CTSA) from the Division of Research Resources, National Institutes of Health, which is a new consortium to transform how clinical and translational research is conducted, ultimately enabling researchers to provide new treatments more efficiently and quickly to patients.


Applying for Cleveland Clinic CRU Support


1. If this is your first experience with the CRU read the Investigator Manual first. The Investigator Manual includes an overview of the application process, including the scientific review and how we can help you develop your protocol.

2. Select an application form. Complete the appropriate form and collect all necessary documents as described by the application form instructions.

3. Fill out the application. Get help from faculty and staff for assistance with the application.

  • Administrator for initial questions and help with budget planning.
  • Biostatistician and Nurse Manager for help on study design.
  • Research Subject Advocate for help with a Data Safety Monitoring Plan. All protocols on are required to have a DSMP.
  • Core Managers if you plan to use one of our specialized cores. We encourage you to contact the Core Manager as early as possible, ideally while you're preparing your primary grant application to the NIH or other peer-reviewed funding agency.

4. Submit your application for scientific and resource review. The General Advisory Committee (GAC) meets twice each month. During the GAC review, each study is classified into one of three categories developed by the national CRU program. Study categories depend on the type of research being performed and they determine the level of funding we can provide for clinic and testing costs The CRU Administrative Manager can provide insight about study category and ancillary utilization while you are drafting your application. The CRU Resource Council meets monthly, evaluates the GAC approved application and organizes the assignment of resources to complete your project. Decisions are usually sent out within a week of the GAC and Resource Council meeting your application.


CRU Investigator Manual
CRU Full Investigator Application
CRU Blood Draw Only Investigator Application
NIH Specialty Codes
Biosketch (included in application)


Program Director
Serpil Erzurum, M.D.
216-445-7191; Fax: 216-636-0104
Co-Principal Investigator
Richard A. Rudick, M.D.
216-445-1915; Fax: 216-444-3279
Assistant Program Director
Lara Danziger-Isakov, M.D., M.P.H.
216-636-1077; Fax: 216-636-3329
Assistant Program Director
W.H. Wilson Tang, M.D.
216-444-2121; Fax: 216-636-3329
Administrative Director
Charlotte Bhasin
216-444-5113; Fax: 216-636-3329
Nurse Manager
Kay Stelmach, R.N., R.R.T.
216-444-3588; Fax: 216-636-3329
Research Subject Advocate (RSA)
Lara Danziger-Isakov, M.D., M.P.H.
Research Subject Advocate (RSA) Participant Liaison
Lauren Verbic
RSA Office:  216-445-8712
RSA E-Mail:
Laboratory Manager
Clemencia Colmenares , Ph.D.
216-445-6613 ; Fax: 216-444-3279
Jim Bena, M.S.
216-445-2336; Fax: 216-636-3329
Director, Research Informatics
Robert DiLaura, D.B.A.
216-445-8125; Fax: 216-636-3329
Informatics Systems Analyst
Chuck Trunick, B.B.A.
216-445-6933; Fax: 216-636-3329